З18 amino acids are found in sturgeon caviar, among which glutamic acid and aspartic acid are most plentiful. Glutamic acid is an important amino acid in brain metabolism and takes part in compositions of many substances of physiological functionality. Caviar also contains abundant lysine, which is the number one limiting amino acid in human milk, and raises protein exploitation efficiency in human bodies. Amino acids account for 51.179% of dry substance of caviar. There are 6 saturated fatty acids, 6 monounsaturated fatty acids and 10 multi-unsaturated fatty acids in caviar. For example, DHA is an important substance for brain development; EPA is a necessary nutrition element that can’t be produced by the human body; and DPA is a main component of brain tissue and neural cells that also boosts the immune system. The total content of EPA+DHA+DPA in caviar is 17.817%. The cholesterol content in sturgeon caviar is only 157mg/100g, 2/3 less than that of eggs 500mg/100g).